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    One of the best I've seen in a while. An incredible 40s Black silk kimono with dripping wisteria and lush foliage. Has not been modified and is in very good condition. A real piece of wearable art.  One size

    Sold Out £1,200.00

    Fabulous fringed coat made from a patchwork of florals, hand dyed antique samplers and hand made lace from all over the world. You will find some panels spanning across centuries and from all corners of the world. This is a...

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    Incredible 30s untouched floral dress in the most luxurious raw silk. Looks like a vibrant watercolour and really carries a punch. Has a row of original buttons on the back and pleated shoulder straps. Has a very flattering fit and...


    Long 70s patchwork tuxedo blazer with long lapels and a tailored silhouette. This jacket has been worked on for over 100 hours. Every patch is a sampler of historical value with rare and one off designs. The back has an...


    Gorgeous little cream floral jacket in a blazer fit. Has the prettiest of floral details in peachy hues. Has a particularly original print on the lapels and chest. All in all a very wearable and versatile piece to pair with...


    Incredible 30s silk, micro floral wide leg jumpsuit. Super light and comfortable. perfect for lounging on holiday or layering it under a comfy knit. This piece was made from a 30s pattern of lingerie. One size


    A medley of colour, texture, provenance and eras all intentionally patchwork together to create this magnificent and unique piece. Each dress is one-off and will never be again. Some colours are hand dyed and some patches irreplaceable.  Wear our versatile...


    Gorgeous handprinted floral silk top and vibrant hues of poppy red, ocean blue and marble green fragments all deliberately patched together to create a unique one of a kind dress. A one stop solution for warm days.  Fits up to...


    Incredible vintage silk kaftan in a gorgeous deep petrol blue. There are multiple ways in which this phenomenal piece can be worn. The front/back has a smooth neckline with gorgeous silver beaded sunbursts throughout. The fine beading is also mirrored...

    Sold Out £1,200.00

    Incredible and rare 3 piece silk set of Chinese 20s pyjamas. The set consists of drawstring trousers carrying similar motifs as the jacket and top. A matching simple sleeveless top with round neck and small side top pocket. The jacket...

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    Sold Out £1,300.00

    Majestic deep blue kimono dress made from a silk 19th C density embroidered kimono. The vibrant silk flowers cascade down the dress elegantly. Has a laid back fit that just slips on. Has a low V detail that sits on...

    Sold Out

    Incredible 30s cream silk and lace long coat/dress with the most magnificent detailing. The sleeves are a major feature with volume and a long wide frill for coverage. The collar is a soft round neck which fastens cross breasted with...